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Rugs are a popular home decor choice across Hong Kong because of the valuable functionality and aesthetic that they offer to any space. Minimalist, contemporary, modern—all kinds of homes can benefit from a premium rug. It can be exciting, at first, to buy carpet for your home, so you search the internet for “rugs Hong Kong,” “carpets Hong Kong,” and “rugs for sale.” Until it slowly dawns on you that finding your best match is more time-consuming and overwhelming than you initially thought. Let Miss Amara help you land the optimal choice for your space, preference, budget, and needs.

Miss Amara has an extensive collection of carpets and rugs, custom rugs, area rugs, and runner rugs that have all been curated by experts with backgrounds in interior design to make sure you choose one that is worthy of taking up space in your home.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the gamut of options you are presented with. So before diving into any online rug collection that catches your eye, it pays to know what kinds of carpets there are so you can decide better which one would fit your home the most.

What are the different types of rugs?

Like clothes, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to rugs. They come in all shapes and dimensions as well as materials. Some of the most popular types include the following:


Large rugs are ideal for spacious areas, such as the living room, as it makes the room look fuller and less bare. Miss Amara has floor rugs that are up to 400 by 300 centimeters big.


Most floor covers are mass-produced nowadays, but handmade pieces remain to be a top choice because of the warm human appeal they offer to a space. Miss Amara has prime runner rugs made from eco-materials.


Minimalism is not just a preference but a lifestyle for many people. Rugs with neutral colors, such as beige rugs, complement simple living the best, so they are a popular choice among minimalists.


Rooms with bare walls and light-colored schemes are best paired with mats with busy prints. Miss Amara has prints of all kinds, such as geometric, Moroccan, abstract, and many more styles.

How to choose the best rug?

Shopping for rugs is a personal experience. Your choice highly depends on your personal preferences and needs. These are the factors to consider when choosing the best one for you:


The look, texture, and quality of your rug depend on the material it is made of. Jute, woven cotton, and wool are great options if you want natural fabric while ideal synthetic pieces are made from recycled PET or polyester. You can buy kitchen rugs, round rugs, and others made from an array of exquisite materials that you can choose from at Miss Amara.


Rugs, no matter what kind, are dust magnets, so you have to clean them regularly. High-pile variants, such as knotted styles, are softer but are harder to clean because dust can get stuck between the fibers. Low-pile options, like flatweaves, are thinner but are easier to clean, so they make great outdoor mats. Miss Amara has machine-washable carpets for your convenience in maintaining them.

Existing home theme

Unless you are revamping your room from scratch, the optimal rug choice for you should be one that matches the ambiance of your existing space seamlessly. Consider the color of your room as well as the decor, accessories, furniture, and overall design to choose the right rug style for it. You can send a photo of your space to the Miss Amara team to get a curated list of rug options that will accent your space best.

How do I keep my rug from slipping?

Many factors contribute to a slipping rug incident such as the material of your rug, the condition of your floor, and others. It can be a real safety hazard for you and your family if your rug keeps slipping under your feet. It is such a hassle to have to keep repositioning it each time your pet messes it up too. A foolproof way of preventing your rug—no matter what kind–from slipping, is using an underlay. An anti-slip rug pad can help secure your rug in place to prevent slipping accidents while protecting both your floor surface and your expensive rug from potential damage.

Miss Amara sells eco-friendly rug underlays made from either natural or recycled materials. They also come in different sizes to fit both small and large rugs. When choosing an underlay size, make sure it is a few centimeters smaller than your rug.

Miss Amara is the one-stop online destination for all things rug-related. What sets us apart from our competitors is that we don’t just present you with thousands of options and leave you to pick one by yourself. We provide exclusive customer-focused services to help you find the perfect rug for your home. Our virtual rug styler can send you a curated selection of high-quality pieces based on the specifications you provide. You can also send us a photo of your space, via email or chatbox, for free customized styling advice.

Enjoy free delivery and returns anywhere in Hong Kong! Miss Amara is dedicated to providing you with confidence while shopping for rugs as we take away the fear of having to commit to a rug you are unhappy with. We will shoulder all shipping expenses in case you want to return your order for a full refund or replacement.

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