Clever Small Laundry Room Ideas to Maximise Your Space

Transform your small laundry room into a functional and stylish space with these clever ideas. Utilise wall space with wall-mounted drying racks, vertical storage bins, and hanging storage solutions. Incorporate compact appliances, a folding countertop, and drawer storage to save space.

Get creative with rolling carts, tension rod organisers, and baskets and bins for extra storage. Streamline your laundry routine with sorting, a pegboard for storage, and a retractable clothesline. Brighten and personalise your laundry room with lighting, wall art, and a rug to create a space that reflects your unique style.

Maximising Wall Space in a Small Laundry Room

Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

A wall-mounted drying rack is an excellent solution for small laundry rooms. It takes advantage of vertical space and provides a convenient place to hang clothes to dry without taking up valuable floor space. You can easily fold it up when not in use, and it won’t get in the way of your other laundry room activities.

Vertical Storage Bins

Vertical storage bins are another great way to make the most of your wall space. You can mount them on the wall and use them to store laundry detergent, fabric softener, and other supplies. They are easy to access and help keep your laundry room organised.

Hanging Storage

Hanging storage is an excellent way to keep your laundry room tidy and organised. You can mount hooks on the wall and hang items like ironing boards, hangers, and even your vacuum cleaner. Hanging storage solutions are a great way to keep your laundry room clutter-free and maximise your available space.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Small laundry rooms can be challenging to work with, but with a little creativity, you can make the most of your space. Utilising wall space with the help of wall-mounted drying racks, vertical storage bins, and hanging storage solutions can help you achieve an organised and functional laundry room that meets your needs.

Space-Saving Solutions for Small Laundry Rooms

Compact Appliances

One of the biggest challenges in a small laundry room is finding appliances that don’t take up too much room. Thankfully, there are plenty of compact options available these days. Look for a washer and dryer combo that can fit in a tight corner or a slimline washing machine that can be installed under a countertop.

Folding Countertop

If you’re short on space, a folding countertop is a great option for your laundry room. This can be attached to the wall and folded down when not in use, giving you a handy surface for folding clothes or ironing. When you’re done, simply fold it away and you’ll have plenty of floor space available again.

Drawer Storage

Drawer storage is a smart way to keep all your laundry essentials organised and out of sight. Opt for a set of drawers that can be installed under your folding countertop or above your washer and dryer combo. This way, you’ll have plenty of space to store detergent, softener, and other laundry-related items, without taking up too much room.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: In a small laundry room, every inch of space counts. By using compact appliances, a folding countertop, and drawer storage, you can create a functional and stylish laundry room that doesn’t take up too much room.

Creative Storage Solutions for a Small Laundry Room

Rolling Cart

A rolling cart is an excellent solution if you need some extra storage. It is perfect for storing laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and other laundry essentials. You can also place your laundry baskets on the top shelf of the cart, making it easy to transport clothes to and from the washer and dryer. Plus, the wheels make it easy to move the cart around when cleaning or reorganising your space.

Tension Rod Organisers

Tension rod organisers are a simple and affordable way to add more storage space to your laundry room. You can hang them inside your cabinets or on an empty wall. Use them to store spray bottles, rags, or other cleaning supplies. You can also use them to store extra hangers or to hang drying clothes.

Baskets and Bins

Baskets and bins are another great way to add storage space to your laundry room. You can use them to store clean or dirty clothes. You can also use them to store your iron, ironing board, and other laundry accessories. Baskets and bins are perfect for keeping your laundry room organised and clutter-free.

In summary, a rolling cart, tension rod organisers, and baskets and bins are all great storage solutions for a small laundry room. With a bit of creativity and these storage ideas, you can organise your laundry room efficiently without sacrificing style.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: A small laundry room doesn’t mean you have to compromise on storage space. With creative solutions like rolling carts, tension rod organisers, and baskets and bins, you can maximise your space and keep your laundry room organised.

Organising and Streamlining Your Small Laundry Room

Sort Your Laundry

Sorting your laundry is an essential step to organising your small laundry room. Begin by separating your clothes into piles, such as whites, darks, and delicates, to keep your laundry organised and save time. Sorting your laundry also helps you make use of your time, allowing you to wash similar garments together. It prevents your whites from turning pink or grey from the other colours.

Sorting also reduces the amount of time you spend ironing, and it helps you distinguish which pieces require a different washing process, like using a gentle cycle or warm water.

Install a Pegboard

A pegboard is an excellent tool to keep your small laundry room organised and streamlined. The benefit of installing a pegboard is that it offers a versatile and flexible storage solution, maximising your wall space and freeing up room on your floor. It’s also an affordable option that you can find at most hardware stores.

You can use your pegboard to hang your cleaning tools, such as brooms, mops, and brushes, freeing up floor space and making them easy to access. You can also use it to hold your laundry essentials like detergent, softener, and bleach. And finally, it helps make your laundry room visually appealing and stylish.

Add a Retractable Clothesline

A retractable clothesline is a space-saving option for drying your clothes indoors. It’s ideal for small laundry rooms and takes up zero floor space. Installing a retractable clothesline in your laundry room is an excellent way to save energy and extend the life of your clothing. It’s also an economical alternative to using a dryer and helps reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: To streamline your laundry routine, make sure to sort your laundry, install a pegboard for storage, and add a retractable clothesline to save space and energy.

Brightening and Personalising Your Small Laundry Room

Add Lighting

Good lighting is essential in any room, and your laundry room is no exception. If your laundry room lacks natural light, consider adding some light fixtures to brighten up the space. Choose a lighting fixture that complements your decor style to enhance the overall ambience of the room. You can also install task lighting under cabinets or shelves to help with laundry-related tasks.

Add Wall Art

Adding some art to your laundry room can make the space feel more welcoming and personalised. A creative and affordable option is to use framed vintage laundry posters or humorous quotes to add some whimsy to the room. If you want something more personal, you can create your own laundry room decor by framing your child’s artwork or using photos of your family.

Add a Rug

A rug can be an excellent addition to your laundry room, making the space feel cosier and more inviting. Layla loves to use rugs as a form of self-expression, and adding a great rug to your laundry room is a great way to give it some personality. Choose a rug that is durable, easy to clean, and coordinates with the colours in your laundry room. It will help to brighten the space while also providing a comfortable spot for your feet.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: Adding some simple touches like lighting, wall art, and a rug can transform your small laundry room into a more inviting and personalised space. Use Layla’s tips to create a laundry room that reflects your unique sense of style and makes doing laundry a more enjoyable experience.

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