How To Embrace French Country Design Style: 5 Tips

Learn how to bring the warmth and charm of the French countryside into your home by mastering the principles of French country design style with these five tips. Utilising natural materials, soft textiles, warm tones, and rustic accents can create a relaxed, casual style that is inviting and unpretentious.

From choosing furniture and accessories to incorporating French country design in rooms and creating outdoor living spaces, create a warm and inviting atmosphere with vintage accents, natural elements, and soft lighting.

Tip 1: Familiarise yourself with the French country style essentials

Understanding French country design principles

To understand French country design, you must first understand its principles. French country design is about comfort, warmth, and a sense of tradition and history. The essence of this approach is to imbue your living space with the rustic elegance and allure of rural France. It is a relaxed, casual style that is inviting and unpretentious.

Elements of French country style

The elements of the French country style include a mix of natural materials, such as wood and stone, combined with soft, welcoming textiles. This style utilises warm and earthy tones, such as terracotta, sage green, and deep blues. French country design is all about creating a homey feel, so materials and fabrics tend to be soft and inviting, such as linen, cotton, and wool.

Origins of French country design

French country design draws inspiration from the rural regions of Provence and Brittany in France. This aesthetic draws upon the quaint farmsteads and snug abodes characteristic of these locales.

Additionally, it takes cues from the French way of life that cherishes ease, understatedness, and organic loveliness. French country design is timeless and classic, perfect for those who want to create a warm and inviting home.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: French country design is all about creating a cosy, warm, and inviting atmosphere. By utilising natural materials, soft textiles, warm tones, and rustic accents, you can bring the charm of the French countryside into your home.

Tip 2: Choose French country furniture and accessories

French country furniture characteristics

The hallmark of French country furniture is its rustic yet elegant appearance. Think of pieces that are timeless and classic. Furniture should look like it has been passed down for generations, with distressed finishes, muted colours, and decorative carvings.

Look for pieces made of natural materials such as wood, wrought iron, and stone. Some common pieces include upholstered armchairs, rustic coffee tables, and console tables.

Selecting the right French country accessories

The right accessories can transform a room and add character while still retaining the French country aesthetic. Think about incorporating elements such as candles, decorative boxes, and lanterns. These pieces are functional yet still provide an ornamental flair. Use soft lighting to create a warm and cosy atmosphere, and incorporate natural materials such as rattan and wicker.

Adding texture and fabric to your space

Textiles and fabrics play a significant role in French country design. To create a cosy and inviting space that exudes refinement and comfort, consider incorporating decorative textiles like a vintage rug, linen, or throw. Think about using lighter colours and floral prints for your curtains and cushions. Additionally, use baskets, pottery, and other decorative items to add texture to your space.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: To create a French country-inspired interior, look for rustic yet elegant furniture pieces made of natural materials like wood, wicker, and wrought iron. Pair these with ornamental and classic accessories like decorative boxes, candles, and lanterns. Additionally, incorporate textiles and fabrics, adding a touch of romance to your interior with floral prints, linens, and vintage rugs.

Tip 3: Incorporate French country design in rooms

Mastering the French country bedroom

The French country bedroom is all about creating a cosy and comfortable space. Start by choosing a colour palette that includes soft hues like cream, beige, and light blue. Next, invest in some quality linens, like a plush-down comforter, fluffy pillows, and soft sheets, to create a luxurious and comfortable sleeping environment.

Incorporate natural elements like rattan furniture, floral prints, and vintage accents to add a touch of rustic charm. Finish the room off with some soft lighting, like a romantic chandelier or bedside lamps with soft shades, to create a warm and inviting ambience.

Inviting French country living room design

The French country living room is the perfect place for entertaining guests or just relaxing with family. Start by choosing furniture that is both comfortable and stylish, like a plush sofa and matching armchairs. Add some soft textures like throw pillows, knit blankets, and natural fibre rugs to create a cosy and inviting space.

Incorporate vintage accents like distressed wood furniture and decorative mirrors to add a touch of rustic charm. Finally, add some soft lighting with a floor lamp or table lamp with soft shades to create a warm and welcoming ambience.

French country kitchen and dining room décor

The French country kitchen and dining room are all about creating a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. Start by choosing warm, welcoming colours like soft yellow, cream, and light blue. Invest in quality cookware and elegant dinnerware to create a luxurious feel.

Incorporate natural elements like woven baskets, floral arrangements, and rustic window treatments to create an inviting atmosphere. Finally, add some soft lighting with pendant lights or a chandelier to create a warm and welcoming ambience.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: French country design is all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that is both stylish and comfortable. Incorporate natural elements, vintage accents, and soft lighting to create a cosy and inviting space.

Tip 4: Outdoor French country spaces

Creating French country outdoor living spaces

To create a French country outdoor living space, start with comfortable seating options. Look for wrought iron or wood furniture with soft, plush cushions in warm, neutral colours like beige or cream. Layering is important in French country style, so don’t be afraid to add additional pillows and throws to amp up the cosiness factor.

Incorporating natural and rustic elements is also key. Use terra cotta pots for greenery and flowers, and consider adding a wooden trellis or pergola for climbing plants. String lights or lanterns add a warm and welcoming touch to your outdoor space, perfect for those cosy summer nights.

Embracing the French country garden

For a true French country feel, embrace the garden elements in your outdoor space. Consider adding a fountain or water feature, as they were an essential part of French country gardens in the past. Use climbing roses or lavender to line walkways or walls, and plant herbs like thyme or rosemary for both aesthetic and culinary purposes.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb – incorporating garden elements can also be as simple as adding a few potted herbs or flowers to your patio or balcony.

Designing a French country pool area

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, designing a French country pool area can elevate your outdoor space to a whole new level. Start with stone or pavers for the decking, and consider adding a pergola or umbrella for shade. Use neutral and muted colours for patio furniture, and add plush cushions for extra comfort.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: When it comes to creating French country outdoor living spaces, focus on comfort, natural elements, and rustic charm to elevate your outdoor space into a cosy and chic oasis.

Tip 5: Marrying French country and modern styles

Harmonising French country and modern design

The key to successfully blending French country and modern design is to find a way to harmoniously unite the different elements of each style.

Start by identifying a few key design features that you love about each style and try to find common threads between them. For example, the soft and warm colour palette of French country can be paired with the clean, angular lines of modern design to create a visually striking and harmonious effect.

Modern elements in French country living spaces

If you’re looking to add a touch of modern flair to your French country living space, consider incorporating sleek, minimalistic furniture pieces in light colours. Pairing these modern elements with classic French country accessories like modern lighting fixtures, floral patterns, and textiles can create a surprising but charming result.

French country touches for modern exterior architecture

For homeowners looking to add a touch of French country to a modern exterior, consider adding charming and simple stone pathways or planting pretty floral bushes around the perimeter of your property. Bright colours and ornate trimmings on the exterior of the building can also create a beautiful accent to a modern design theme.

💡KEY TAKEAWAY: By mixing and matching elements from French country and modern design, homeowners can create a beautiful and unique living space that perfectly suits their tastes and unique sense of style.

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