Miss Amara was first in Australia to create plush, super soft washable rugsThe fibres are designed to be stainvincible. That means stains, liquids (and piddles) - won't absorb, just get to the area pronto, soak it up, throw it in the washing machine or give the area a thorough hand wash and it will be like it never happened! 

Announcing TUMBLELUX - machine washable rugs. Designed by Alex Tanya Weller, co-founder and Creative Director of Miss Amara, a small, Australian owned family business.  

A word from our designer, Alex Tanya Weller

“Tumblelux is such a special product to Miss Amara. A rug that we believe is unique and totally designed off the back of my own experience of being a mum first hand!

Pre-pregnancy we were set on doing washables for fairly obvious reasons of practicality - but it was only after I got pregnant and became a mum that I realised that actually the  experience, feel and texture of the rug was something the market was missing.

I wanted my kids to have a soft beautiful landing, for their little feet to play on. So we put the development on pause until I could deliver on exactly that and I couldn’t be prouder of the final product - known for its luscious thick pile.

In our home we have them in the lounge and have playdates on the Tumblelux rugs and to see the babies playing, rolling and crawling on them makes me so happy.

I have even caught my baby falling asleep on them more often than I anticipated!” - Alex Tanya Weller

Winner of National Retailer Awards 2022 for Innovation Champion of the Year for their Tumblelux range, this amazing innovative product was a huge hit when the first collection dropped February 2022. 

Within hours of our first campaign release we were selling rugs at a rate 13x faster than previously achieved on a collection before, and within 7 days the collection sold over $30K of rugs, and several styles were SOLD OUT. 

Miss Amara is a small business and we believe taking care of our customer is key, so we were beyond excited to learn we had won  Feefo 2023 Platinum Trusted Service Award for excellence in Customer Service - for three years running!

With such an overwhelming response from our customers, we have launched new stylish designs in our Tumblelux collection.

Tumblelux Rug features: 

Our silky soft all-in-one washable rug is now available in new designs and colours. These rugs are the absolute dream underfoot! It’s a washable and foldable rug, making it the perfect rug for high-traffic zones, kid and pet-friendly homes. These rugs are thicker and plusher than other washable rugs in the market. 

  • Foldable! Easy to move, fold and store.
  • OOPS PROOF! Simply wash away any spills.
  • Non-slip! Designed with a built-in underlay to prevent any slipping or tripping! That is sticky dots that hold the rug still, so no underlay is needed.

So soft, that little ones will cherish sitting and playing on the floor covering. For those figuring out how to walk this gives an extraordinary delicate landing cushion for little tushies. Being OOPS PROOF you don’t have to worry about drink spills - they are wiped up easily. An ideal choice for homes with kids, pets or even just those with roommates who like eating Nachos in the lounge room. 

GET READY TO #BEWASHED. Shop from our Tumblelux collection and you can be sure you are getting the best value for your money. With our selection of colours and designs, you’ll find the perfect rug for your home in no time!